Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Does Destruction Really Sounds Bad!!!

Destruction when this word clicks, what is our reaction? Generally people declared destruction as bad, worst or disaster but is it fair to think like this? When it comes to human being a person who rebels or opposes the rules of society he is living in, people tagged him as a destructive mind but do we ever think without destruction, what is the importance of construction? It is our human nature we always like positive, good but we forget good is good just because of bad, if we will not face rough phases in life we can never understand how good is meaningful to us, to our life.

My father generally says me ‘analyze destruction’, you will find, seeds of construction lies in the root of destruction, I asked him how?  today I came to know what he wants to say, when my daughter was breaking her toys and my hubby said ‘she is destructive’, once I was disappointed but when I look at her she was staring each and every part of toy by touching that, it seems that she is trying to explore something new for her, instead of getting angry I become happy and start helping her by telling her about different parts. It is just like potter who dig the sand patted it to make it soft and then mold in desired shape, digging and petting is like destruction but end result which came to us is constructive.

 Actually destruction is nothing, it is only our attitude, how we look at a situation, how we think, the things which are destructive to us may be constructive for others. once someone tagged me as current wire, I was shocked and feel shattered but suddenly a new thought came in my mind, if I am current wire, then I can use this energy in different ways in my life, to make life better at other hand it is destructive only if I use this energy carelessly to harm someone or myself, That would be my fault isn’t it?

 Anyone would tell me why we adopt new things and discard old ones in our life? Correct as we want everything latest, want to make our life easy and comfortable by using them, in the same way if we change old thoughts according to generation, if we like to change old rituals in new way where we can enjoy them accept and follow them with open heart, it doesn’t mean we are having destructive thoughts it means we are reconstructing ourselves according the desire of new age.

So from next time if someone tags rebellion then take it as compliment & think why they are criticizing views? Yes at some level our thinking is affecting their views their mental state, that’s why they are opposing us and hesitating to accept our opinion. If end result is fruitful then one day they will understand our way of thinking and accept that also.

 Actually while judging about destructive and constructive only our own perception works, it is like a glass which is filled half by water how we assess that half empty or half full. Destruction and Construction are like two sides of single coin, if we look at sunny side then by our intelligence, our wisdom we can convert destruction into construction, as, the voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes’ isn’t ?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Let's Fly Stress Free!!

Why you are taking stress? Stress is not good for your health. You are lean as you take too much of stress we generally hear these statements but do we ever think about stress where it lies and from where it comes and occupy our mind, it is like uninvited and unwanted guest sometimes we become so frustrated, lose our peace, we blast out and become violent isn’t it?

 Actually stress is nothing it is a state of our mind when we regularly think about any topic or issue we generally starts to analyze that, about its good and bad effect on our life and we also predict what would happen like, if this or that will take place, what people will say how they will react, we starts living our life in future and unfortunately if the worst scenario we predicted comes true then faith on predictions become stronger, more and more we deeply think about that issue, lastly that issue become stress for us.

 It happens in everybody life we can say it is part and parcel of our life. When we expect something positive make strategies even take some steps accordingly and suddenly things went wrong then what will happen? Very true we become upset, for a positive expectation now we have to face a negative phase which is really unfair and unreasonable, we feel shattered and start blaming on others, our situation is like neither we can digest nor can we spit out.

 Is it fair just because of stress scare, we won’t enjoy our life’s small moments which fills us with positive energy, we won’t dream? I would answer never as a small positive energy spreads positive vibes in environment, that kills negativity where we can think positively, seeks for a better option before things go away from our hands, if we can put control on situation at some level then this positive energy will help to enlighten our humor and we can convert our worst to best,  as if one way has been blocked another ten options are waiting for us only we have to identify correct milestone for our success. Let’s fly with our dream with open eyes and actual potential.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Award Sounds Achievement Or Work Hard??

After accepting the Award, I was over whelmed, feeling like dancing in rain which I like the most, I felt my heart is singing on my heart beats, I cracked this news to my friends & family everything was like day dreaming for me. 

In the evening when I was sitting with my toddler, she put her arms around my neck gave me a kiss & start starring Liebster logo & curiously asked me, Mommy what’s this?? I replied sweetie! Award of your mommy then she asked me Award? Tell me something about this, I just replied, in my thoughts a prize or gift someone gives you to consider your efforts… someone is saying you good job! Then she innocently said, just like you always give me after I do something good, I smiled & replied yes honey. In night  my hubby & kid both were sleeping but my sleep ran away from my eyes I started feeling restless, I thought Did I answered her correctly does accepting award means consideration of work with a appreciation & honor ??

They want to make us realize about our potential, our dreams we are chasing to cherish our life. After thinking a lot I felt getting Award is more than acknowledgment for work we did, no doubt getting award means someone liked our work & they are happy with what we did but they want to inspire us to be much better then who we are?

 Award is like self assessment between what we are & what we would like to be, everybody make a self image in their mind & that depends on their perception about life, whatever they had seen in their past failure or success, sometimes we know our potential but can’t use that fully even if we have enough resources, due to lack of motivation, confidence our determination starts shaking which deprives us from our preset goal.

Here award works as a mile stone it encourage us  to keep walking till we get desired destination, it helps us to overcome with all the obstacles we faced in way of struggle by taking away all the negative vibes , it provide us  peace , enthusiasm with positive energy  & constructive way to fulfill what we expect from ourselves isn’t it??