Thursday, October 31, 2013

Assessment Of Maturity ???

Maturity, this word also  forced  you to think like me, when someone comment you that you are immature, or you are immature to handle this work or don’t interfere between us as  you  are immature. Basically human being can’t be immature his behavior can sometime make feel others that he is immature.

when it comes to me I think a lot what is maturity where it comes from, mother’s tummy, genes, by reading books, pretending to be sincere or from our surrounding, but I cannot able to find answer. If I want I can learn many things from 5-year-old baby means, is it possible for 5 year baby to be mature? I asked this puzzle to so many people to solve; one of them told me maturity is a behavior state in which you reacts correctly at correct place and time. Now again new question arises who will decide about this!!  A person who is declared immature, definitely not, then person with whom he behaved??  in his view, he can never tagged him mature, as his views perception is different from that immature person, or people standing outside of that matter and giving valuable expert comments or we can say judging both of them. If it happens then some of them having same thoughts same reactions go with tagged immature person and judge him and his behavior correct and some will go with other party. So again confusion remains same between mature and immature personality.

Actually nobody is wrong in their judgment perception given is based on upbringing, surrounding with whom company person is spending his time, everyone has different principles, morals to lead their life, some give importance to voice of  their soul and some outer pomp and show, so their views and reaction on same subject will definitely be different and conflict arises. Some cannot compromises with the principals they are living, for them self-respect is their life, when issue arises they become violent  and for  others that is not a big issue they want to show themselves innocent in their surrounding and for that they can compromise at every issue, their  reaction index will surely be low .

 Nobody can challenge others maturity it all depends on how that matter is related to their life how it make difference to their life and how it will affect their personality isn't it ??

Thursday, October 24, 2013

What we counts really Matters???

 Offer, Hand, Handful Of, Help, Respect, Awe, Attention

How do you feel when somebody pass you a comment, misbehaves with you, ignores you, talk rudely? Definitely you will feel shatter, restless or low, one can tolerate any inadvertent mistake but not disrespect. Respect is very sensitive issue related to our life just like food is necessary for our body to survive; respect is nourishment of our soul nobody can live without it. Sometimes we use to fight over it at the extreme level isn’t it?

If somebody asks me who is biggest relationship destroyer? I would definitely answer disrespect, whenever we see a person who disrespects us, our blood starts boiling and we lose your mental peace, and temper isn’t it. If he apologies then also its very difficult for us to forgive. This emotional pain cannot heal by word sorry, as sorry is only an ointment which can heal wound but cannot remove scars. Sorry cannot heal dent driven on heart. We have to depend on time to heal.

What is the greatest gift we can give someone, which is valuable and nobody will hesitate to accept? Exactly respect, if we want to make someone happy show genuine respect towards him.  Remember there is great difference between genuine and superficial respect. Genuine respect comes directly from soul and superficial related to power and position and increase proportionately. 
This gift we must give to ourselves, self respect, it is much more worthy then other materialistic things in life. Self respect means; what is our worth for ourselves. We all have some qualities in our nature and principals made by us on which life runs smoothly, who make us unique and give us identity, we should respect those qualities. Self respect not only boosts our confidence but motivates us to take new challenges in life so that we can touch new heights. Self respect gives birth to self image and strong self image gives birth to success.
If we want to progress in our life, count respect, remember when we were kids, we respect our teachers why? Why don’t we argue with them? Why we accept their guidance? Can you answer these questions? I can, if we want to grasp knowledge provided by them, like to implement them in various situations and fields of life, then we have to follow their teachings without resistance, it make learning enjoyable.

Respect is basic foundation of feelings like trust, faith, love, truth and peace without respect they are like only words without sense everyone needs respect; it is the greatest source of joy and pleasure it develops potential in our personality, respect gives us reason to live and meaning to life isn’t ?

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Are We Original ????

Once I was teaching my child about social behavior, suddenly a thought came in my mind Are We Original? You also asked this question many times like me, when you look at your image in mirror. Each and every one of us has two faces, one for society in which we are living and one for ourselves, who we are.

 My sister asked me a question, why kids look so innocent? I answered as they are original from soul, they never hide what they want to show, means they are very much expressive about emotions they do not care about what people might think. If they want to cry they cry, they are happy they laughs loudly, even if they are scared they never hide they will hug us tightly, that’s why they look so peaceful… happy, After giving her reply I asked myself can we do it. If we want to cry we don’t, as a person who cries is declared as weak personality in society, if we want to laugh loudly and openly we cannot as it is not considered as a good manners , if we scared we don’t want to show that, infect we always show we are strong and bold why? Exactly as we don’t want to give chance to people, to crack joke on us or laugh at us. 

Nature blessed us with few but unique qualities, which make us original but Are we able to maintain those qualities? After leaving childhood, we grew up and left those qualities or manipulate them according our desire to fulfill our motive. sometimes we become politicians who do politics ‘divide and rule’ and become diplomatic to achieve our goal, sometimes we become good manipulator who manipulates all principals to make situation according own desire, to take lead over people. Our policy become ‘by hook or crook’ we become so self-centered that we start to cheat people and pull them away from the race of success to confirm our success. We ourselves create such scenario and put blame on others why? Very true, as we do not want to ruin our image, our position in society.

Why we are walking along with two faces? Only because we are possessive about society, never, actually we don’t want to come out from our per-occupied self image of innocent personality, we don’t want to feel shame on ourselves that’s why we always try to justify ourselves, in that process we kill our conscience. In short we are afraid to face ourselves, we don’t have answer of our deeds do we?

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Why Comparison ?

How do we feel when someone starts comparing us like materialistic things? When someone say oh your friend is looking much gorgeous or she is smarter then you? Definitely we will try to ignore that, but at a corner of our heart we felt ourselves as incomplete and unsatisfied personality. We want to be what we are not, we start expecting much more from ourselves, even sometimes in frustration we start blaming god to for his creation, like god cannot you make me beautiful, smart, rich why you write my destiny like this, nobody loves me, likes me? We imagine ourselves as a worst creation of god but do we ever think if we will not like ourselves in the way we are who else will like us? If we start finding faults in our creation, then why we are blaming others for same act?

Actually what is comparison and why we compare? Comparison is act when two persons having similar status or designation we starts analyzing them, at every aspect and the qualities which we like, when we found in one of them we starts expecting or imaging other to be same and starts comparing them to make aware about our expectation, our likings with them.

 Is it healthy to compare? Definitely I would answer, no, we are not non living things so before paying cost we should compare and then do beneficial deal, we are living human beings, our comparison can hurt anyone self respect, he can feel inferiority complex, just to prove himself he can walk on wrong path, which can ruin his whole life. Once my relative came to my place one day he starts comparing me and starts forcing me to follow the people with whom he is comparing me, for few minutes I remain quite but when I saw no end and he starts hurting my self-respect, I told him I am happy with myself, I have few qualities which make me different and unique from others which gives me identity, secondly I have brain and people who have brain, do not follow others they make their own way and only follow that way so please don’t compare me.
Comparisons leads us to unhealthy competition we never feel happy for our success we get in life, but we always feel happiness as we left people behind in race of success and become idol for others and now people would compare themselves to us.

It’s very sad sometimes we involve our kids, we compare them and wants to make them best, without thinking in this process we are killing their childhood, its very unfair to judge small kids on our expectation god blessed each child with some qualities and growth phase of each child always differs from other some starts running while others starts speaking even if they belongs from same age group. What happen if our kids start us comparing with other parents and starts imposing their wishes, expectations on us? We will get angry on them and tell them to make themselves satisfy with what they are getting, as we always think they are not mature, but what we are doing with them is fair? No, kids are only following us, their elders, so before judging them we should judge ourselves.

Comparison between human being is really unjustified, god create us different why? As he sends us to fulfill different motive. The beauty of nature lies in different, as different opinion always make difference, it introduce us with new thoughts, imaginations and ideas to make life much better and wonderful,accept this different, feel happy and complete elevate spirit of living.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Where is Happiness

Happiness, everyone is seeking for happiness , One day when my hubby asked me when and where is happiness? I told him don’t think too much and be happy. I left this question unanswered, but I raised this puzzle to myself where happiness lies, in memories, in thoughts, in success, in expectations, in luxuries or in future which is mystery in itself and is it as easy to follow ‘don’t worry’ as I advised him?
When somebody hurts us can we easily forget that? physical pain can be cured by taking medicines but there is no remedy to cure pain touched to our soul, it only fills our life with sorrow and complaints we feel ourselves shattered isn’t it ? When it happened to me someone gave me medicine of happiness she asked me… a person that hurts you is more important than your smile, your peace? she asked me about his importance and existence in my priorities, when I answered I don’t like that person at all than she told me then why you are worried about him and his comments ignore him don’t answer or entertain him. It was difficult for me but I follow and now I am happy. as after that, I become neutral for him I have no feelings good or bad for him.

Sometimes when we have nothing then also we feel ourselves happy but sometimes we have everything we expected with us, to enjoy but we are not happy why? We are running behind success in that race we earn name, money, prosperity but we are losing happiness, soul satisfaction, remember a day when your heart start dancing without any music only on rhythm of your heart beat we will fail to find that. Actually happiness owes happiness, small moments of happiness are scattered around us but we are refusing to accept those, because of our desire to get more and more, for bigger we use to lose that small once, But when we get that bigger one for which we were waiting for long we cannot enjoy that also, as only we know what compromises and adjustments we made to earn that moment.

More time we spend in future planning rather than enjoying present perception behind that is future planning is necessary for leading beautiful and peaceful life but people who have such great thought can answer me only one question do they know what will happen tomorrow or in coming minute?  No one can predict future then why we all take stress for that, Why don’t we live our present moment like it is last moment of our life to enjoy. Some people gave me comment oh! You are still a kid when you will get older? I replied, I am old by physic but still want to be kid by soul I don’t want to leave my childhood because I want to do fun I want to express my true feelings without being possessive about people living around me I don’t want to be idol for anyone but I want to admire beautiful gift given by god, “my life”. It seems I am little bit selfish here but  if I can’t satisfy my soul, I can’t admire my life, how can I satisfy others, if I am not happy then how can I make others happy. 

Life is like sand nobody can collect that in hand, each and every day it is going to be lesser. One day strong wind will come and take life along with, it’s better to complete the picture with happy “The End” where not only mind and body lives peacefully but soul get satisfied with a belief, god always gives us according to our potential he send us in full package of completeness to fulfill an aim given by him, which we have to complete in our life time.