Thursday, October 17, 2013

Are We Original ????

Once I was teaching my child about social behavior, suddenly a thought came in my mind Are We Original? You also asked this question many times like me, when you look at your image in mirror. Each and every one of us has two faces, one for society in which we are living and one for ourselves, who we are.

 My sister asked me a question, why kids look so innocent? I answered as they are original from soul, they never hide what they want to show, means they are very much expressive about emotions they do not care about what people might think. If they want to cry they cry, they are happy they laughs loudly, even if they are scared they never hide they will hug us tightly, that’s why they look so peaceful… happy, After giving her reply I asked myself can we do it. If we want to cry we don’t, as a person who cries is declared as weak personality in society, if we want to laugh loudly and openly we cannot as it is not considered as a good manners , if we scared we don’t want to show that, infect we always show we are strong and bold why? Exactly as we don’t want to give chance to people, to crack joke on us or laugh at us. 

Nature blessed us with few but unique qualities, which make us original but Are we able to maintain those qualities? After leaving childhood, we grew up and left those qualities or manipulate them according our desire to fulfill our motive. sometimes we become politicians who do politics ‘divide and rule’ and become diplomatic to achieve our goal, sometimes we become good manipulator who manipulates all principals to make situation according own desire, to take lead over people. Our policy become ‘by hook or crook’ we become so self-centered that we start to cheat people and pull them away from the race of success to confirm our success. We ourselves create such scenario and put blame on others why? Very true, as we do not want to ruin our image, our position in society.

Why we are walking along with two faces? Only because we are possessive about society, never, actually we don’t want to come out from our per-occupied self image of innocent personality, we don’t want to feel shame on ourselves that’s why we always try to justify ourselves, in that process we kill our conscience. In short we are afraid to face ourselves, we don’t have answer of our deeds do we?