Thursday, October 24, 2013

What we counts really Matters???

How do you feel when somebody pass you a comment, misbehaves with you, ignores you, talk rudely? Definitely you will feel shatter, restless or low, one can tolerate any inadvertent mistake but not disrespect. Respect is very sensitive issue related to our life just like food is necessary for our body to survive; respect is nourishment of our soul nobody can live without it. Sometimes we use to fight over it at the extreme level isn’t it?

If somebody asks me who is biggest relationship destroyer? I would definitely answer disrespect, whenever we see a person who disrespects us, our blood starts boiling and we lose your mental peace, and temper isn’t it. If he apologies then also its very difficult for us to forgive. This emotional pain cannot heal by word sorry, as sorry is only an ointment which can heal wound but cannot remove scars. Sorry cannot heal dent driven on heart. We have to depend on time to heal.

What is the greatest gift we can give someone, which is valuable and nobody will hesitate to accept? Exactly respect, if we want to make someone happy show genuine respect towards him.  Remember there is great difference between genuine and superficial respect. Genuine respect comes directly from soul and superficial related to power and position and increase proportionately. 
This gift we must give to ourselves, self respect, it is much more worthy then other materialistic things in life. Self respect means; what is our worth for ourselves. We all have some qualities in our nature and principals made by us on which life runs smoothly, who make us unique and give us identity, we should respect those qualities. Self respect not only boosts our confidence but motivates us to take new challenges in life so that we can touch new heights. Self respect gives birth to self image and strong self image gives birth to success.
If we want to progress in our life, count respect, remember when we were kids, we respect our teachers why? Why don’t we argue with them? Why we accept their guidance? Can you answer these questions? I can, if we want to grasp knowledge provided by them, like to implement them in various situations and fields of life, then we have to follow their teachings without resistance, it make learning enjoyable.

Respect is basic foundation of feelings like trust, faith, love, truth and peace without respect they are like only words without sense everyone needs respect; it is the greatest source of joy and pleasure it develops potential in our personality, respect gives us reason to live and meaning to life isn’t ?