Thursday, October 10, 2013

Why Comparison ?

How do we feel when someone starts comparing us like materialistic things? When someone say oh your friend is looking much gorgeous or she is smarter then you? Definitely we will try to ignore that, but at a corner of our heart we felt ourselves as incomplete and unsatisfied personality. We want to be what we are not, we start expecting much more from ourselves, even sometimes in frustration we start blaming god to for his creation, like god cannot you make me beautiful, smart, rich why you write my destiny like this, nobody loves me, likes me? We imagine ourselves as a worst creation of god but do we ever think if we will not like ourselves in the way we are who else will like us? If we start finding faults in our creation, then why we are blaming others for same act?

Actually what is comparison and why we compare? Comparison is act when two persons having similar status or designation we starts analyzing them, at every aspect and the qualities which we like, when we found in one of them we starts expecting or imaging other to be same and starts comparing them to make aware about our expectation, our likings with them.

 Is it healthy to compare? Definitely I would answer, no, we are not non living things so before paying cost we should compare and then do beneficial deal, we are living human beings, our comparison can hurt anyone self respect, he can feel inferiority complex, just to prove himself he can walk on wrong path, which can ruin his whole life. Once my relative came to my place one day he starts comparing me and starts forcing me to follow the people with whom he is comparing me, for few minutes I remain quite but when I saw no end and he starts hurting my self-respect, I told him I am happy with myself, I have few qualities which make me different and unique from others which gives me identity, secondly I have brain and people who have brain, do not follow others they make their own way and only follow that way so please don’t compare me.
Comparisons leads us to unhealthy competition we never feel happy for our success we get in life, but we always feel happiness as we left people behind in race of success and become idol for others and now people would compare themselves to us.

It’s very sad sometimes we involve our kids, we compare them and wants to make them best, without thinking in this process we are killing their childhood, its very unfair to judge small kids on our expectation god blessed each child with some qualities and growth phase of each child always differs from other some starts running while others starts speaking even if they belongs from same age group. What happen if our kids start us comparing with other parents and starts imposing their wishes, expectations on us? We will get angry on them and tell them to make themselves satisfy with what they are getting, as we always think they are not mature, but what we are doing with them is fair? No, kids are only following us, their elders, so before judging them we should judge ourselves.

Comparison between human being is really unjustified, god create us different why? As he sends us to fulfill different motive. The beauty of nature lies in different, as different opinion always make difference, it introduce us with new thoughts, imaginations and ideas to make life much better and wonderful,accept this different, feel happy and complete elevate spirit of living.