Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Award Sounds Achievement Or Work Hard??

low key image of trophy over wooden table and dark background, with abstract shiny lights

After accepting the Award, I was over whelmed, feeling like dancing in rain which I like the most, I felt my heart is singing on my heart beats, I cracked this news to my friends & family everything was like day dreaming for me. 

In the evening when I was sitting with my toddler, she put her arms around my neck gave me a kiss & start starring Liebster logo & curiously asked me, Mommy what’s this?? I replied sweetie! Award of your mommy then she asked me Award? Tell me something about this, I just replied, in my thoughts a prize or gift someone gives you to consider your efforts… someone is saying you good job! Then she innocently said, just like you always give me after I do something good, I smiled & replied yes honey. In night  my hubby & kid both were sleeping but my sleep ran away from my eyes I started feeling restless, I thought Did I answered her correctly does accepting award means consideration of work with a appreciation & honor ??

They want to make us realize about our potential, our dreams we are chasing to cherish our life. After thinking a lot I felt getting Award is more than acknowledgment for work we did, no doubt getting award means someone liked our work & they are happy with what we did but they want to inspire us to be much better then who we are?

 Award is like self assessment between what we are & what we would like to be, everybody make a self image in their mind & that depends on their perception about life, whatever they had seen in their past failure or success, sometimes we know our potential but can’t use that fully even if we have enough resources, due to lack of motivation, confidence our determination starts shaking which deprives us from our preset goal.

Here award works as a mile stone it encourage us  to keep walking till we get desired destination, it helps us to overcome with all the obstacles we faced in way of struggle by taking away all the negative vibes , it provide us  peace , enthusiasm with positive energy  & constructive way to fulfill what we expect from ourselves isn’t it??