Tuesday, December 31, 2013

How Do Festivals Matter to Us??

 Festival, we all celebrate in some or other way, sometimes according our traditions or custom we are following or sometimes the way we like to enjoy. Every festive night I go in my deep thought & ask myself what these festivals want to tell us?? Why we celebrate them? just to keep customs going on or to enjoy with lots of fun, like do shopping, we decorate our home lighten up whole house, call family & friends, do get-together with them, enjoy delicious traditional food with lots of chit-chat with near–dear ones, give them gifts to show gratitude & day passed away with a pleasant feeling but this the only meaning of festival charm & this custom we want to pass to our next generation??

After passing through this dilemma I got my answer, definitely festival & customs are not only about feast, lightning or get-together, it’s all about lightning ourselves lightning our soul & conscious, enjoying positive energy to get rid from all our disappointments & negativity, to walk on a humble path to enlighten our way, to show gratitude for what we have towards all the people who gave us their little time & whom we find standing besides us in our happiness or while facing rough phase of life.

Why we feel happiness when we celebrate festival?? Actually festival gives us some relaxing moments & change from daily routines we follow from hustle of life. We get little time to think about ourselves & others, if we did something good our conscious always make us feel satisfied, we can’t get such satisfaction by superficial things or luxuries we enjoy, as these things can only give momentum happiness but true happiness of soul lies in good deeds we do or we would like to do that is only the reason we make resolutions for us to follow just to come over drawbacks of our personality, to expand our horizons, to make our determination towards us more strong & to take a little step towards goodness.

Truly, a little step is able change a lot in us; it rebuilds our broken courage & coordinates our shattered energy by generating the waves of new thoughts to make strong foundation for mankind which we all would like to pass to our next generation in some way…. 'Custom of humble living', as custom is not a symbol of rigidness & adamant it is all about to give up ego to celebrate togetherness isn’t it??

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Is It Easy To Forgive??

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We always hear people advising us, forgive them, let's move on.. I also passed through such situation & I thought is it really easy to forgive someone?? As we all are human being & no one is perfect we always do mistakes. We can easily forget day to day mistakes, can do lets go there..as they don’t impact on our life or feelings for long but what if our feelings, trust got shattered by someone near & dear? For me when it comes to feelings, it is really hard, a word `sorry’ can heel all the pain & shattered feelings??  No definitely not. May be, person who is asking for forgiveness by using this word can feel relax but not that person whom they bothered by their deeds. I usually ask myself what is the meaning of forgiveness?? Just to say it's ok or something more than that, after forgiving someone can we really feel peace without any hard feeling??

Basically forgiveness means after forgiving someone no hard feelings for that person accept them with same love, trust and move forward in life.

When my kid do some mistake and say sorry I forgive, as I know there is no intention to give pain or bother anyone but yeah I always teach her don’t use word 'sorry' as weapon as one can tolerate your mistakes for once or twice not always & the meaning of sorry is not to repeat that again as soon as realize your mistakes, don’t take word sorry for granted, otherwise you will lose faith,  but what about us, sometimes we do some deeds repeatedly even the person whom we are hurting is trying hard to giving wake-up call while doing, we don’t think how it will impact on us or our beloved one, at that time we leave our conscious behind and our ego starts driving everything, we realized one day ask for forgiveness, the person who is shattered say it’s ok  as they don’t want us to feel the same pain, they don’t want to shatter us in anyways,  they don’t want to go in deep memories as still those memories  bother them ..

Can we forgive ourselves? What about that guilt, pain which our conscious is taking after realizing what we did? True, we can’t look in our eyes we can’t face our beloved one. One of my friend asked me same, I said regret is the best remedy in this situation; they looked with surprise asked what?? People always say don’t regret it gives disappointment & wasting time on past & you are saying me to do regret?? I said yes they are right at their place as if we are expressing regret only by our words but not by our learning & deeds, it’s just wasting time over past & taking disappointments by lingering on issue, pain of what happened is inevitable but to control that is only in our hand, by making our response similar to our feelings we experienced, by meeting distance between saying & doing.

When we hurt someone, we say sorry but sorry can't fulfill whatever they lost, their self respect, shattered feelings & above all trust, may be by saying sorry, we get forgiveness but not same trust. Whenever that person meet us they will always think can I trust this person the same way I did before & it will remind them all the pain they tolerated as sorry can’t remove scares,  if  we like to gain someone heart and trust again, give place to our consciousness by leaving ego, make them happy by our act, a single smile on their face can change a lot,  just  make them realize sorry is not only a word but it carries a lot in itself, their love, smile and peace matters a lot to our peace. Every time we will see our beloved is smiling we will feel relaxed & peaceful & this little step will take us to their heart by passing through the bridge of trust isn’t it??

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What Matters Most Happiness Or Superficial Things ??

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Today i was sitting near window, I saw a small bird she was collecting her food & then she flew away in open sky giving me lots of thoughts, her chirping made me smile somewhere her activities filled empty corner of my heart with happiness & I felt in this world we can get everything money, fame, love, prosperity by our struggle our passion but one thing we cannot get is happiness, Happiness of soul, which we use to forget in carving of getting more and more isn't??

When we were kids we use to think oh god! when we will be younger , when we will take our own decision, when people will think we are responsible enough to handle each and every situation and they will hand over their responsibility to us thinking of this we were not able to enjoy our  childhood, time flies away we get younger our dream come true we put our leg in bigger shoes, we start to prove our self in the race of success, although we have luxuries to enjoy now we are part of crowd but from soul we are alone .

Sometimes we want to laugh or cry but we cannot show our emotions, as with prosperity we become possessive about people living around us before our feelings, we give importance to their views and comments as we want to be idol for others. Now we are nosatisfied with what we have. After realize, we cannot go in past to enjoy childhood.

after some years we would get retire, beginning of old age immortal truth of life we would have child, grandchild, our life partner we can enjoy with them but in those relations we find ourselves helpless as we are now dependent on young generation for physical and mental protection, sometime generation gap occurs which make conflicts between near and dear, young generation wants to work in their own way they want to learn from their failure and we want to give benefit of our experience instead of convincing them we start imposing our decision to prove our experience. In this process lastly we feel ourselves contempt and incomplete, shattered and restless.

 Whole life we spend in doing profit and loss we earn…but beside these things we lose pleasure, quality time, and satisfaction. We forget happiness of life can be earned when we live with satisfaction, which gives birth to feeling of completeness. life is a journey and death is destination, phases of life are stations where life train can halt for  some years, but journey is not reached to destination journey will end with death. So count what matters to us happiness or superficial things?

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Does Past Matter???

Does past matter? Past does not matters but past experiences always matter.  If anyone asks me about my treasure I would surely answer, past experience, which I gained by passing through lots of hurdle. It is like a platform on which our present lies. I will like to tag it as a milestone to present; it makes us a better personality isn’t it? The lessons we learn from our past, we cannot learn by any other media, it boosts our confidence about the perception we make.

Its old saying nobody came here by learning from mothers tummy, we learn after we came in this world when we face whole world without any support system and people kicks us, we learn to manage ourselves, our emotions which is very precious learning in itself.

Can we make better present without past experience? Certainly not, in our present strategies we can clearly see the reflection of our past experience. `My father always says me never forget your past, if you want to get success in present your past will gives you actual identity what you are and what you want to be? The more obstacles you faced in past, the more you are stepping footsteps towards success’. I took these golden words, now my past failure is my inspiration which makes me much more polite for the people who are in similar situation.

 Who actually decides our behavior aspects, our attitude towards situation and the people standing in front of us how much we can rely on them, are they capable to maintain our trust our faith? Will they ditch us? All answers lies in our past experiences. Our past experiences help us to understand the intentions of others in a better way and analyze them,  our reaction index towards them will based on our experience,  if our experience was good we will interact with open arms with great attachment else we will try to ignore or behave accordingly,  isn’t it ?

Can u tell me why we worried about our kids when they are in growing age? Definitely, as we know the learning and experience of these years have a great influence on the rest of their lives.  This can groom them and mold them in great personality.

if we will analyze, our present, is result of our past activities what we did in past with lots of worthy learning, which plays true role of our friend in the time of need, it enlighten our path,  like a small amount of light which becomes a pathfinder for better today. This is because life is trying to force us to remember, what we need to know now by facing the wounds of the past. Our learning becomes our experience and experience makes us more mature to think & behave isn't it??