Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Does Past Matter???

Does past matter? Past does not matters but past experiences always matter.  If anyone asks me about my treasure I would surely answer, past experience, which I gained by passing through lots of hurdle. It is like a platform on which our present lies. I will like to tag it as a milestone to present; it makes us a better personality isn’t it? The lessons we learn from our past, we cannot learn by any other media, it boosts our confidence about the perception we make.

Its old saying nobody came here by learning from mothers tummy, we learn after we came in this world when we face whole world without any support system and people kicks us, we learn to manage ourselves, our emotions which is very precious learning in itself.

Can we make better present without past experience? Certainly not, in our present strategies we can clearly see the reflection of our past experience. `My father always says me never forget your past, if you want to get success in present your past will gives you actual identity what you are and what you want to be? The more obstacles you faced in past, the more you are stepping footsteps towards success’. I took these golden words, now my past failure is my inspiration which makes me much more polite for the people who are in similar situation.

 Who actually decides our behavior aspects, our attitude towards situation and the people standing in front of us how much we can rely on them, are they capable to maintain our trust our faith? Will they ditch us? All answers lies in our past experiences. Our past experiences help us to understand the intentions of others in a better way and analyze them,  our reaction index towards them will based on our experience,  if our experience was good we will interact with open arms with great attachment else we will try to ignore or behave accordingly,  isn’t it ?

Can u tell me why we worried about our kids when they are in growing age? Definitely, as we know the learning and experience of these years have a great influence on the rest of their lives.  This can groom them and mold them in great personality.

if we will analyze, our present, is result of our past activities what we did in past with lots of worthy learning, which plays true role of our friend in the time of need, it enlighten our path,  like a small amount of light which becomes a pathfinder for better today. This is because life is trying to force us to remember, what we need to know now by facing the wounds of the past. Our learning becomes our experience and experience makes us more mature to think & behave isn't it??