Tuesday, December 31, 2013

How Do Festivals Matter to Us??

 Festival, we all celebrate in some or other way, sometimes according our traditions or custom we are following or sometimes the way we like to enjoy. Every festive night I go in my deep thought & ask myself what these festivals want to tell us?? Why we celebrate them? just to keep customs going on or to enjoy with lots of fun, like do shopping, we decorate our home lighten up whole house, call family & friends, do get-together with them, enjoy delicious traditional food with lots of chit-chat with near–dear ones, give them gifts to show gratitude & day passed away with a pleasant feeling but this the only meaning of festival charm & this custom we want to pass to our next generation??

After passing through this dilemma I got my answer, definitely festival & customs are not only about feast, lightning or get-together, it’s all about lightning ourselves lightning our soul & conscious, enjoying positive energy to get rid from all our disappointments & negativity, to walk on a humble path to enlighten our way, to show gratitude for what we have towards all the people who gave us their little time & whom we find standing besides us in our happiness or while facing rough phase of life.

Why we feel happiness when we celebrate festival?? Actually festival gives us some relaxing moments & change from daily routines we follow from hustle of life. We get little time to think about ourselves & others, if we did something good our conscious always make us feel satisfied, we can’t get such satisfaction by superficial things or luxuries we enjoy, as these things can only give momentum happiness but true happiness of soul lies in good deeds we do or we would like to do that is only the reason we make resolutions for us to follow just to come over drawbacks of our personality, to expand our horizons, to make our determination towards us more strong & to take a little step towards goodness.

Truly, a little step is able change a lot in us; it rebuilds our broken courage & coordinates our shattered energy by generating the waves of new thoughts to make strong foundation for mankind which we all would like to pass to our next generation in some way…. 'Custom of humble living', as custom is not a symbol of rigidness & adamant it is all about to give up ego to celebrate togetherness isn’t it??