Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Are We Living Our Relations??

adult, brother, child

Life is a puzzle!!!  we heard this many times as we are about to solve one, another mystery is waiting for us to solve, sometimes it fills life with more excitement but sometimes we found these puzzles as cobweb around us the more we try to come out the more we found ourselves in them isn’t it?? 

One day I was spending quality time with my few friends & one of them asked me how you count relations in your life?? For few minutes I felt myself paused & then I replied, it is not necessary to have many relations in life but I believe whatever relation we are carrying with us there should be life & intimacy in those relations, we can feel those relations & warmth of those relations should make us feel importance of life.

Truly relations show our existence, some relations we get by our birth they are called blood relations & some relations we make by ourselves known affinity. No one can live alone we need people to share our feelings & emotions no matter happiness or disappointments of life but we share… sometimes to enjoy moments or sometimes to relax ourselves to getting relieved from stress, each relation has its own intimacy & need space to grow, we can’t stretch relations the much we stretch the much we loose.

Life is a long journey, we meet many people while passing  through, some people we meet are really strangers for us, but we start feeling them like us, some of them become friends and soon we start feeling them like family, sometimes their bonding is really strong, touchy & influential. Before few years I got such relation in a lady whom I don’t know came in my life, there was some attachment I felt when first met her, then as time passed she became my friend & family, we both shared a lot I never shared this much with anyone, though now she is far away from me but this long distance never able to make our relation freeze, still we can feel each other,  she is somehow with me, I learned a lot from her,  she makes me realize who I am when I am with her. I can always find her standing beside me I like to call this as soul attachment as if I laugh she is able to catch sorrow behind that, if I am silent she knows without telling her, for me she proved her name Sudha (nectar) to me.

Basically trust & love is foundation in every relation, this trust gives strength to exist that relation, love gives fragrance to relation which keeps it always feel fresh, but both love & trust are feelings we can’t generate them forcefully in us they automatically use to develop where honesty, mutual understanding & respect lies in relation, slowly & gradually bonding of such relations become much more strong,

we can’t categorize such relations, it’s our soul & conscious who give the meaning  to relation where & how they impact us, sometime gives us such hard feelings & disappointment we start feeling like suffocation we want to set us free, but sometimes make us bloom like flower, Intimacy make us cry & those tears tell us how much we can feel life in that relation, as heart knows only one language, ‘language of love’ without making any kind of difference, this language gives us strength to hold relations with care, make them more beautiful to live, to motivate us, to move towards togetherness as nothing & no one can steal the feelings as long as relations live in heart we can feel people whom we count in our life, can we??